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Everlytic has showcased a New Media emailer as an example of awesomeness – we look at why it worked so well.

A recent Everlytic white paper, Anatomy of Awesome Emails 2015, singled out one of New Media’s email campaigns as a case study on success. The emailer, produced for our Ackermans client, scored a click rate of 8.1%, far above the click rate average of 3.28%.

Some background

The report looks at all Everlytic’s clients and deconstructs the best-performing email campaigns of 2015. It highlights why these campaigns have achieved such excellent results, surpassing the accepted averages for South African open and click rates based on the benchmark report.

Everlytic's report
Everlytic’s report

The campaigns needed to:

* Be sent to a database of 10 000 contacts and more.

* Either exceed the open rate average of 24.86%, or

* Exceed the click rate average of 3.28%.

 The Ackermans emailer scored an 8.1% click rate!

What makes this Ackermans emailer awesome?

  1. It’s not just hard-sell. We include content that supports decision-making around purchases, drives traffic to the Ackermans website and drives in-store purchases.
  1. The emailer tells a story. It’s very visual and this leads subscribers from the ‘why’ to buy, to the ‘what’ to buy, to gifting ideas (right in time for Valentine’s Day) and finally to after-sales care of the garment.
  1. We’ve included calls to action on each item to encourage engagement. This resulted in 4 289 people clicking through to the website.

Have a closer look at the emailer here.

You can download the full report by Everlytic here.

For more on how the Ackermans team fine-tuned their email campaigns through A/B testing, click here.

What do you think creates an emailer success? Comment here.

Written by Leanne Feris

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