Cancer-beating with Con Bertish

New Media joins the cause to up the world’s cancer survival rate.

When Con Bertish visited New Media recently, he got a resounding standing ovation, a teary-eyed laughing audience, and a cheque to kick off his Thundafund. His story rocked our world.

On hearing he had a tennis ball-sized tumour in his brain, this advertising creative director approached the problem like he always does: it was a tough brief that he had to crack.

He instinctively started ‘playing’ with his cancer, creating visualisations, illustrations and games that, in the end, fundamentally boosted his immune system. (It’s a science: psychoneuroimmunology, not that he knew it at the time!)

Today he’s found his purpose: he’s crowdfunding an app called CancerDojo, so people can gamify their own cancer – and ultimately increase the world’s cancer survival rates.

New Media believes in his cause, and started the fund off with a donation of R25 000. Con spoke to Rory Fish of NMtv.

Want to contribute too? Watch Con’s promo video here

Con believes that through purpose marketing, brands can change the world. Watch the NMtv interview here.

Written by New Media reporter

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