Purpose marketing can save the world

CancerDojo Con Bertish believes that through purpose marketing, brands can change the world. He spoke to NMtv.

Brands can save the world by putting their money into good causes – not because they’re necessarily altruistic, but because their customers want them to go there. And we all love a brand we can believe is out there to do good, not just make a profit.

That’s purpose marketing, says Con Bertish, the advertising creative director who used creative visualisations of his own cancer to boost his immune system.

Now Con is taking cancer survival mobile, by developing CancerDojo, an app that will allow people to gamify their own cancer – and ultimately increase the world’s cancer survival rates. Now that’s marketing with a purpose.

Con Bertish told his cancer survival story to NMtv – watch the video here.

Con is crowdfunding his app, and New Media kicked off his Thundafund with a R25 000 gift. Want to contribute too? Watch Con’s promo video here

Written by New Media reporter

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