Is this TASTE enough?

Anelde Greeff is head of content for Woolworths TASTE and editor in chief of Eat Out. She’s not sure what’s more fun – perfecting a chocolate fondant or launching a new website.

5 things we learnt – again – while relaunching

Perhaps not quite as exhilarating as free-fall space jump, but relaunching a website is one of the most thrilling things you can do in content marketing. Relaunching Woolworths TASTE’s website,, was a hugely exciting process, not least because it happened over a matter of weeks. Here are five lessons we learnt – again – in the process.

  1. Have clear objectives

Before we started dreaming of what the site was going to look like (because, let’s face it, with new products the aesthetic is often one of the first aspects discussed), we made sure we had a very clear set of goals for it. At the top of our list was the need to inspire people to cook. It was our driving force and guided every single decision in terms of functionality and design – and we’d like to believe that it shows!

  1. Stay true to the brand

Clear objectives are not enough. You need to be clear about the brand that you’re working with too. TASTE has a strong editorial positioning, aesthetic and brand values, and it’s vital that these ground your decision-making and direction. Throughout the process we constantly asked ourselves ‘Is this TASTE enough?’. If it didn’t feel and look like the brand, we rejected it. It had to be absolutely on brand.

  1. Keep your team small

Decision-making by committee is almost always fatal. It makes the process complicated, laborious and frankly just plain annoying. When you’ve got a client that is very trusting and supportive (like we’re lucky to have), and a development team that is incredibly capable, you need to make sure that the team that connects the two (the content and strategy dudes) is small and nimble. That way decisions can be taken quickly and progress made as swiftly. It also helps with staying true to the vision.

  1. Test, test and test again

You can never have too many eyes on a new site. Or actually, the test version of the new site. Websites are multi-layered monsters and you need all the help you can get when it comes to testing functionality and proofreading. Think you’ve done enough? You haven’t. Pull in that ad sales person or neighbouring online editor who had nothing to do with the project and make them play around a bit. Their fresh eyes will definitely spot something amiss.

  1. Be patient

Just because it doesn’t have to be printed it doesn’t mean that it can happen at the click of a mouse. Be prepared to wait for perfection. It’ll be worth it.

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Visit the new TASTE website here.


Written by Anelde Greeff

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