Yuppiechef’s 5 rules of customer care

Elmari Rautenbach is head of media training, specialising in hunter-gathering impressive speakers for New Media’s regular inspiration sessions.

‘Show don’t tell’ if you want to score big on client service, said Yuppiechef’s Andrew Smith, speaking at a recent New Media Inspiration Session.

If you’ve ever bought anything from Yuppiechef you’ll know that this brand simply gets it right. Andrew Smith, co-founder and MD of Yuppiechef, recently gave an inspirational talk at New Media where he shared his five golden rules of brand-love-forever customer care.

  1. Companies need to – not to just have to – change to deliver good service in this connective age.
  2. You need to give your employers tools to care, permission to care and have the company culture to care. All three allow you to delight customers in the moment. Wait, and it’s too late.
  3. Show there’s a person behind the technology. At Yuppiechef there’s a person who signs a card and a person who signs the box before it’s sent off.
  4. Customer care must be continuous – the same person who handles the call needs to handle the email and present the solution for the complaint.
  5. Be genuinely generous – you will blow the customer’s mind!

Good food for thought for client service in content marketing…

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Written by Elmari Rautenbach

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